Custom Automation - Update Status of all items in a group

Our team is working on adding some Automation to our boards. We are wondering if it’s possible to create the following automation:
“When a status changes to something, change a status to something for all items in the same group.”

In other words, we have a case where a status column needs to be changed to a specific status for all items in a group - triggered by the change off of only one item in the group to that specific status.
Some of our groups can have quite a lot of items, so it would be nice to only have to change the status of one of the items, and have all other items in group auto-update to that new status.

Can you please let us know if this is possible?


As far as I know there is no automation to do that, but if you select all the items in the group you can change the status of all the selected items.

So for your example you would select the first item in your group, and while holding down shift select the last item in your group. This should select all the items in the group. If you change the status of one of the selected items, all the status of the other selected items will change as well.

Maybe that helps as a work-around?

Hello @shood,

One workaround, if you have less than 30 groups, would be to create a status column “Group” with each field being the name of each group “Group A”, etc. Then use the automation “When status changes to something and another status is something else, change a third status to something”. So the automation will work only for the items within that group.
The automation would look like this:
"When status changes to something and “Group” is “Group A”, change a third status to something. You should create a dedicated automation for each group and action.
Hope it helps,

Thank you for this suggestion. Our current boards have more than 30 groups, but this could come in handy down the road. Thanks!

Thanks - this is a great workaround for us. Much appreciated!

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