Custom colors (statuses and pulse groups)

As a user I would like the ability to use custom colors rather than a limited set of colors;
Pulse groups

Thanks for considering


Agree – would be great to choose custom colors (e.g. brand colors) or be able to use one color multiple times for statuses you use for tracking but don’t necessarily need to notice, per se.

For example, say you have three status columns – 1 for actual status (paused, blocked, in progress, complete, etc.), 1 for priority (Critical, High, Medium, Low, Take your sweet a## time), and maybe 1 for something like visibility (say its a project for internal eyes, external eyes, PR, etc.).

As a visual cue, it’d be nice to set the same light grey for “take your time,” medium, and low priorities, while highlighting the critical and high priority items. In this imaginary use case, maybe visibility isn’t super important its just helpful to track, so having them all be a lighter shade of color to reduce the eyes attention to it when compared to critical priority status column.

Hope that makes sense!

All in on this! We just spent 2 months greating new brand guidelines and it’d be great to use our new brand colours.

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This is something I do manually right now across our board types. I do wish that we could actually pick a color more than once, that’s a limiter for us… but visually, we try to use the following as a general rule:
green is good
orange is slippery/alarming
red is bad/stuck
grey is new, or not required
black is closed/cancelled
black is also serving as the color for meetings (which we’re piloting adding to a meetings group on all of our projects and support boards and becomes useful within the context of task types for project tasks.

The push for this is not just the inherent visuals of bad vs. good, but try using the llamas widget to tell you anything intelligent at all besides “wow, that’s a lot of llamas!”. By the color scheme we are using, we are trying to turn all the llama’s green!

This brings me to the bigger issue I face when solutioning in Monday (and heavily relates to the way dasboards combine data from multiple columns/groups/boards). I want black to be closed or cancelled, visually right? but I do need to separate the closed from the cancelled in actual reporting. I can’t do both because I can only use a color once within a column.

If I could use a color twice within a column, and the settings for progress bars/other call that color “complete” or not, no matter how many times I use it, that could work… right Monday!!! :pray:

This must not be to difficult to create, make a color picker or let us use the same color multiple times.
How is the status of this request ?


I’ve been following the development of for years-- since they were DaPulse-- and I seriously can’t believe we still can’t use colors more than once. Being able to just reuse the green color multiple times to represent the different ways that column can be “complete” would be a game changer.

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