Custom dropdown field only calls backend once

hi @dipro

Thanks for letting us know, really appreciated. Are you able to share what updates are planned? For me one of the most urgent issues is in the area of custom fields dependencies.

When a custom field is dependent on a boardid (taken form the recipe / user input) to e.g. get all columns of a certain type from that board in the dropdown field, the backend to get this list is only called once. So, if the user selects the board he gets the correct columns in the custom field, but if the user than selects another board the custom field list is not refreshed as the backend is not called.

Hey Bas! This Sunday’s updates are routine maintenance and you won’t see any changes on your end after it’s complete.

As for your question on dependencies, it sounds like this is more of a specific feature request than related to the maintenance.

Have you already opened a request for this in the developers’ feedback section? I did some digging and couldn’t find anything related to this ask.

Hi Dipro,

I logged this as an error a while ago at the appsupport email. I would not consider this a feature request :slight_smile: . On a side note, monday’s own automations suffer from the same behavior.

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Thanks for that feedback. We’ve logged it as a bug but don’t have an ETA on when this functionality will be available.