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I’m trying create a new automation, and I would like to add a custom input field. Is it possible to create a dropdown menu where the user can choose a value? If it is possible, how would I do that?

This is an example of what I’m trying to do:

Thanks in advance for your help.

Hi @beestree, Beerd,

Leukenaardig :slight_smile:. I do this in English so others can benefit as well. It depends where the source of your dropdown list needs to come from. If it is from an existing status column, you need to add the column to the recipe and also add columnValue to the recipe. Then you get something like: When Status is Done …

If you want to be able to use just a random list you can build a custom field type. Select list as type and provide an endpoint to your server.

That endpoint provides the values in your dropdown by exporting them as an array of JSON objects.

module.exports = {

  {title: 'to upper case', value: 'TO_UPPER_CASE'},
  {title: 'to lower case', value: 'TO_LOWER_CASE'}


end in your custom action you can access the chosen option with:

const { payload } = req.body;
const { inboundFieldValues } = payload;
const { boardId, itemId, sourceColumnId, targetColumnId, transformationType } = inboundFieldValues;

Hope this helps you a little further. Examples are from quickstart-integration

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Hi @basdebruin,

Thank you very much for your fast reply! I think I will be able to build what I wanted now.

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Hey @beestree - I’m so glad that @basdebruin was able to provide some helpful pointers here :slight_smile: He’s really quite awesome all around :sunglasses:

Thanks for the help as always!


Hey @basdebruin

I want to thank you for helping the community with your expertise.

Just like @beestree, I was also trying to figure out how to load remote options for the app I was building for Apps Challenge Hackathon. There is no real documentation provided anywhere for that but your comment helped me figure out the format of the JSON in which the options should be remotely loaded.

I built a HTML drag & drop email app for the Hackathon.

I gave you a shoutout in my entry on

Here’s the link to my project -

I agree with @AlexSavchuk, You are really awesome !

Thank you !!

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Hi Uday

Thank you for much for this feedback. My project is:

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