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I would like to have some custom integration that allows matrics/value from other platform to my Monday boards.

For example I Monday board that have 5 domains site that I want to keep track for its expired date.
E.g: I have 5 domain that stored in GoDaddy platform;

I want to capture name of domain, expired date of domain and some other metrics to my Monday board. And I want it update to my Monday board real time, for example, if I renewed my domain +1year, it automatically update to my Monday board.

β€œ” expired on 04/03/2021 if I renewed in godaddy platform both godaddy and Monday are updated to 04/03/2022. Is it possible?


Hi @xadaganian, welcome to our community!

This is absolutely possible using a custom integration recipe!

In this case, you would want to build a custom trigger (and potentially a custom action) that will listen for changes made to your GoDaddy platform domains and update the items on your board accordingly.

Have you ever built a custom integration recipe on before? If not, I would definitely recommend starting by going through our Quickstart Integrations guide to see how it would work.

You can then also check out the Custom Actions and Custom Triggers articles too to better understand how to build out this integration.

Let me know if this isn’t what you had in mind, or if you have any more specific questions I can help with.

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