Custom numbering of pulses

We use Monday to track our design projects/tasks through the business. The volume of projects that we work on during the year can be in the 1000’s. In order to track these features our previous Project Management software allowed us to generate an incremental custom “Project Number” in the format YY-XXXX. This then allows us to find the correct artwork for the job, reprints, etc.

The feature we want is an incremental custom format number that increases +1 with each new pulse. The pulse ID doesn’t work as the numbers aren’t incremental with each new pulse in our board plus they can’t be customised.

Our current workaround is to have a board - “Backlog” - which has a series of blank projects generated with incremental numbering in a text column. The issue we have with that is that because I have generated each project, I am also subscribed to all of them, but don’t need to be. Also, we have to go in and update the “blank” list when we start running out.


Thanks for the feedback Rob! I can definitely see how this could ease your workflow and would be happy to send this as a suggestion for a new column type to our developers and product team.

Being transparent, it’s not something currently on our roadmap but I’ll do my best to push it to their attention! :eyes:

3 Likes we have the same problem in my organization, i think i have already requested as a new feature. we are an iso9001 certified company, and we have to track all of our records, tasks and forms.

the identification of the pulses in monday for any process we do, has to be created with an correlative ID that stays forever with this pulse, not another.

the pulse ID doesnt do that, because is not correlative.
the autoID numbering column should do the job, but if you sort the pulses on any criteria, the numbers originally asigned changed in the way the data is sorted.
introducing manually is non an option, we are not allowed, its inefficient, and can introduce human errors.

I was thinking on 2 options:

  1. A fixed autoID column that asign a internal board pulse ID that stays forever with the pulse created (doesnt change with sort of columns).

  2. An option to asign a number automatically the first data of the pulse (actually needs to be typed).

I hope this could be done!