Custom "pulse aliases" list

Hi guys,

I keep hoping that a solution of this type will show up, but it hasn’t, so I’m going to ask for it directly. :slight_smile:

Aside from all of the various project management boards that our creative agency has, I have my own “Whit Triage” board that I use to figure out exactly what I want to work on today and in what order to do it. That board is comprised of one-off pulses that are basically just notes to myself, with a check-box column to indicate whether it’s currently viable.

This way of working is inefficient to say the least - representations of those same pulses already exist elsewhere in our Monday installation, so I’m creating duplicates in every case. But no type of search, filter, checklist or dashboard widget allows me to achieve the above goal, and “My Week” doesn’t either.

So what I’m asking for is some way of creating a “virtual copy” of a pulse that will refer back to the original. Assumedly this feature would either A) be stylized in a manner that makes it clear that it’s not the original (i.e., the shortcut arrows in Windows and MacOS), or B) this representation would only occur inside of Dashboards, thereby eliminating any confusion.

Hopefully this makes sense. I feel like it’s potentially a very powerful addition to Monday.


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Hey @Whitfield,

Thanks for sharing your issue and what solution you’re looking for.

I’m not sure from your post, I understand exactly what you’re looking for and how the things available right now can’t solve that.

I want to know what is it you’re actually trying to achieve in setting up this board? You’re trying to collate the tasks you need to work on across multiple boards? What isn’t working for you in My Week or using dashboards?

Let’s start there?

Hey Julia,

The above statement shows why those tools aren’t getting me there:

  1. I need a custom list - the things that I am wanting to isolate.
  2. That list needs to be put in a custom order.

Neither of those is true with My Week or any Dashboard widgets that I’ve come across.

Could you try the link to pulse/mirror column? This allows you to call the pulse whatever you want but link back to teh pulse at large.

Hi Krishele,

That’s essentially what I’m doing right now, but A) there’s an (arguable) bug wherein clicking such a link in the native app opens a web browser window with the pulse (instead of just going to it in the app), B) that’s requiring me to manually type some version of whatever that pulse is in each case, and C) it won’t show me or allow me to control anything about the status of the original pulse directly. It’s better than nothing, but not a great solution.

Also … (Unless I’m not understanding) That would be double the work no? why mirror a column for pulses that live everywhere else in one single board? For that why not use hashtags on all other boards and hashtag your custom list … Just giving my two cents :wink:

If I understand your idea correctly, I would create a tag (“whit_today”) and add that hashtag to all pulses that I want to appear in that custom list? And then… what? If you search for all pulses with that tag, you’re still going to get something that you can’t change the order of.

Oh boy ! I see your issue …

I just tried using the hashtag and filtering by date … perhaps you can further explore that.

Eh, nah - that still wouldn’t get me what I’m wanting, and I’d have to add the Tag column to all boards with pulses that I’m working on (we aren’t yet a tag-centric Monday outfit). :slight_smile: Thanks for the ideas, though.

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Hmm…so I didn’t realise you were using the app (A), defo a problem with that bug. I’m a desktop/brower only type user. Apologies I thought you were already writing a note on the pulse but based on (B) that’s not the case.

Okay now [C]. I’ve just tried the Link to Item column and it does have a fly out to let you update information on the original pulse. Additionally, there’s a beta-test thing I have on my account that let’s you link multiple pulses on the same board. The restriction you can’t get around even with this though is each column only links to one board (for now, I hear). So you’d have to have a column for each board you’re linking to but maybe that’ll help you plan better :confused:

Hope any of that is helpful.

Yeah, my “makeshift” board for this purpose does have a few Link to Item columns as you describe, but 1) that’s still requiring a lot of extra work to get each of these “aliases” created, and 2) it creates a pretty stupidly complex board that doesn’t show me anything about the pulses until I click on those links. (on that note, I find it odd/frustrating that we can’t have a “Link to Item” column that works across all boards, not just one)

So my request stands: ghost/alias/shortcut pulses in a Board or Dashboard Widget that I can custom select and change the order of. :slight_smile: I think the Dashboard route makes the most sense, and it would be in the form of a “Custom Pulse List” widget.

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