Custom text formatting in Automation notifications

The last topic about this issue is closed and the last reply of an Admin was like “it´s not possible”, so I open a new one to raise awareness to this topic, because in my opinion it is a great feature which should be implemented!!!

It can´t be so hard to allow HTML or other simple rich text customizations to the “notify” field in an automation… c’mon, do something!!

Hi V-Mann,

HTML text customization is possible in automations for emails & updates, even though it’s not written anywhere it does work.

Thanks for the reply, Marc. I´m new to, so I think, I need some help :slight_smile: I choose a new custom automation and pick e.g. “If status change to ‘done’ notify me” and in the notify text field I can use HTML??? Because e.g. my break < br> hasn´t convert… (sorry my bad english :-))

Hi @V-Mann ,
Write a manual update with the text & format you want the automation to have, then use ctrl+u to see the HTML source.
You should then be able to copy-paste that into your notify action, and it will have your desired formatting :slight_smile:

Many thanks. I´ll try. But unfortunately I´ve to wait that my company upgrades the Accounts, because our Test period has ended :upside_down_face:

I would love to be able to do this as well, so far all it does if I add HTML tags is render them along with the text. I am sorry I do not understand Marc1’s instructions.

Hi @Marc1,
now we are regular users at monday. Thanks again for your reply but like @mordaskyt I´m not fully understand your description unfortunately.

So my questions to your desription: - where (which app) shall I write a text with formatting and can use the ctrl+u?

I´m understanding your description that I´m not doing the text and formatting direct in monday, where I create the automation, right? So, in which App do you do your HTML formatted text to transform it to HTML and then copy & paste to the automation window in
Maybe you can take some Screenshots how to do it? Or is there another topic here that describes that problem?

FYI: I´m using a Mac :smiley:

Thanks for your help and kind regards!!

Hi guys. Here’s a little walk through:

Step 1: Manually create an update with the formatting you wish to have and post it.
Step 2: Right-click the update and inspect it’s code.

Step 3: Find the source code for the update and copy it into your clipboard.

Step 4: Go to the automations center, create your Create an Update automation and paste the HTML source. You can then modify it to use item parameters as you normally would.

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Formatting doesn’t work yet in notify automations (emails) sadly. But it does with updates.

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Many thanks for your help!!