Custom trigger receiving empty payload on unsubscribe

Hi all,

Wondering if you experience the same. In a custom trigger I have defined the subscribe / unsubscribe endpoints. When the user makes a change to the recipe monday will go through the unsubscribe and then subscribe events. All works fine until my endpoint send a non-200 status from my unsubscribe endpoint. Monday will fail obviously, no problem.

Any successive call monday make to my unsubscribe endpoint for that recipe contains an empty payload.

I am discussing this with the appsupport team but wanted to know if you experience the same. Look like this bug is introduced in the weekend of July 24.

Hey @basdebruin,

As we’d discussed over email, we are already investigating this issue and will revert back as soon as this is resolved. Thank you for your patience here :slight_smile:


hi @AlexSavchuk

I got an answer and apparently your dev team doesn’t think this is a bug. Sending an empty payload in a post to an unsubscribe endpoint is (in my opinion) a clear bug.

How to continu from here?


I see you are working closely with Helen on this issue via email, and it seems like both you and our team are still investigating the behavior. I appreciate your patience and cooperation here, and we’ll get back to you via email as soon as we find out more, as I think that would be the best channel of communication in this case.

I hope this makes sense. :slight_smile:


To all future readers: this issue was able to be resolved via email.

At this time, our team has not made any changes to our unsubscribe functionality.

Thank you~

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