Custom Trigger to select date columns only

Hi community,
I am trying to create a recipe which will look like “When date DATE column changes, do this”.
So I need to be able to select from a list of all the date columns of the board. I think I need to create a custom trigger.

All the example I find are for creating custom triggers for external apps and not monday to monday triggers.

In this context I can not understand what is the role of the subscribe and unsubscribe URLs. I think that these endpoints are called only when the recipe is initialised or removed from a board. What I need is an endpoint which will take the boardid and will return a list of the date columns ids. Do I still need to create these endpoint and what should they return ?

Thanks for your support.

Hey @janadel
There’s a trigger provided by monday, but you can’t restrict the column selection to the “Date” type only.

Not even with a custom trigger ?

Hello @janadel!

As a workaround, you could create a custom trigger with an input field of type “date column”. To fire that trigger however, you would need a way for your app to get notified when the date changes. You could add a Webhook that let’s you know when a column changes. You can then on your end check if the column that changed is the same one as the date column that the user selected when adding the recipe to the board, and if it is the same one, you fire the trigger by sending a request to the Webhook URL you get to your subscribe endpoint.

I hope that helps!