Custom triggers in models

I am stuck trying to understand how custom triggers work. I think im missing a step in the flow. I am creating both custom triggers and actions.
So here we go:

  • 1st step: create the trigger with input and output fields.
  • 2nd step: create the action with input and output fieds.
  • 3rd step: connect both trigger and action in the resource->models tab.
  • 4th step: subscribe the board to the integration.
  • 5th step: this is the one i am missing. When the trigger get triggered, it should call a endpoint in my backend passing me the info that triggered the action. Instead, the documentation says that I have to call an endpoint (WebhookURL) when i want it to fire. This question make sense?
    Thanks in advance for seeing this! Please consider that i already have a working app with multiple custom actions working just fine, so i dont think it is a configuration related question, but a workflow one.

it sounds like you’re expecting the trigger to activate automatically based on some condition or event. In the context of custom triggers you typically initiate the trigger yourself, (by calling the WebhookUrl).
So, in your case, it seems like you might not actually need a custom trigger, maybe a built-in trigger !

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