Customizable Hotkeys

Hey, I think it would be really useful to allow us to customize the hot keys. I use the Board Switcher all the time and there could be a lot of usefulness in letting us customize them.


  • Change the top pulse’s status to X

  • Switch to X board (skip the middle step of the Board Switcher for the most frequently used boards)

  • Set the top pulse’s date to X

  • Move the top pulse to X group

  • Copy the board ID to your clipboard (specifically useful if you’re using the app and not the browser)

Combining these with existing automations would let me work even quicker!

Hey Patrick! Cool feedback but just to make sure I understand, are you referring to keyboard shortcuts?


20 character minimum.

So you want to be able to have shortcuts for things you do often on the system? When you say 20 character minimum, can you expand/give an example?


I wrote 20 character minimum because it wouldn’t let me write just “yes.”


Haha, got it now! Thanks for the feedback. We’ll pass it along!

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