Customize columns per group -- event planning

I would love to have the ability to customize columns per group. I often plan meetings/events and I don’t need certain columns for specific groups. For example, for my event planning board, I’d love to separate my board by groups: budget, timeline, contacts, to-do etc. There’s obviously no need for a cost column for other groups with the exception of budget.

I would love to see this feature be implemented!



Have you read through the support article on this topic?


What you can do is use Dashboards, and have 3 boards for Timeline, Contacts, and Budget.
Have Dashboards of current running projects and combine the groups of each board into a table view widget. :slight_smile:


I would love the same function. Not just for event planning. Sometimes you have a project or campaign with 12 groups and just 4 or 5 pulses per group that require different columns because each group has a different workprocess. To create 12 boards is so much ‘board overkill’.


Hey @StephanieErne and @colleenm

We recommend reading the article which John posted above as this is something we don’t plan to change as it’s truly something we believe is best for building a consistent and clear workflow.

We’d be happy to assist you with building your boards to avoid overkill but also working with the capabilities available and our philosophy of board structure.

Can you send over some screenshots as examples of how you’re trying to set up your boards?