Customize notifications when inviting users to boards

Yes! I have people on my team who complain that there are too many email notifications for things they dont need to see. If they shut notifications, they dont get what they need…they end up ignoring all emails…spells disaster!
I need to be able to completely customize notifications not just a general idea…and only opt in to some, not all, when accessing a board


I completely agree! I am new to Monday but finding the entire notification system non scientific and not smart for exactly the reasons you said. What I was told to do is basically turn all the email notifications off aside for the option for updates that @ mention you and teach my team to always @ mention in all updates and replies.

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@deena that is a decent idea but not the most efficient…it means that an automation needs to be set up for every single thing that you DO want an update on…lots of detail in the set should really work on this :slight_smile:

I think there is a lot of room for options and flexibility here. And I think we’re all asking for the same thing. The ability to easily pick and choose what we want to see updates for, down to the item level. And having visibility to a board should not be tied to also receiving notifications about it, unless I select that option.

Please upvote this thread if you want to support changes to the notifications.


@Chaya i agree- any better ideas? curious what others do as a work around?

@deena I am following your suggestion for now- removing ALL notifications and creating automations for the ones I want - its a huge pain and I need to create them in every single board I have open. I am open to better ideas as well…
@ingridbee is right, we need to keep upvoting, the Monday guys will work their magic to fix us up soon enough…

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Yes- Monday Community pls vote on this so we get attention on this. As aside, if any users have other creative workarounds, please share!

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Concordo com o que @abelha está propondo. Estar vinculado a um quadro é importante, porém não quero receber todas as notificações dele.

+1. My company needs this as well. It would be a game changer to be able to shut off notifications for a specific board or workspace.

I agree that notifications are crazy. I have created a lot of boards at my company as a super user and that automatically subscribes me to random thing that I have no concern with. Like I constantly get notifications that someone deleted something that I am subscribed to. I am only subscribed because I am the board owner. I don’t need to see any of that. Up vote!


Does this help anyone (profile > notifications)

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Hello Ingrid,

Press your avatar at the lower left corner and go to “My Profile”, then go to the notifications section. Check or uncheck notification according to your preferences.
I hope this will solve the problem.

Good luck,

Appreciate those that are pointing me to the notification preferences, but that’s not the issue. The preferences don’t offer the option I am looking for. I have contacted Monday about this specifically and they agreed that the level of flexibility in the notifications is not currently available, which is why I made this post. I want to have access to a board without getting all the notifications related to that board.


This is definitely a huge issue. I am in the same boat as @MarkNariy in that I am the Admin for our team, and as such, create a lot of the boards, but I don’t necessarily participate in all of those boards. I end up getting the notifications from those boards and have to either remove myself as an owner or (in many cases) assign someone else as the owner so I can be removed as the owner. This is more annoying than difficult for me. However, we are a small company and do not have a lot of active boards at one time. I can see how this would be very challenging with a lot more boards.

For everyone’s sake, I hope the Monday team can get to this soon. I upvoted it a day or two ago and since then there has been about 8 more votes. So, for now, I guess the best is to continue to upvote as much as possible.

I, too, am open to any other work-arounds. I appreciate everyone’s participation and willingness to try to help one another on this thread.



Agreed, this would be a great feature. I frequently look at boards where I take no action, and don’t need the additional notifications.

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Hoping this gets done, both for individual and Team assignments.

Congratulations. This feature has been released and our community had a part in its creation! You are now able to add users to boards without them automatically being notified.

Since this feature has been released we will be closing this thread. If you have any questions about the feature or want to share with us how you are using it, search for the feature in our product discussion section or create a new topic. We are looking forward to seeing how you implement these features into your workflows!

To learn more about the feature request process, how it works, and how to become part of the magic read here.

hi @Julietteb

That is great news. I am not able to find how to do this (yet). Is there any documentation how to add user in a person column and not notify them?


Hi @Julietteb, I’ve turned off board notifications but invited users are still getting notified by email. Please could you advise how to use this release?

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Really curious also to see how this feauture is working, as we are also intresting on this,