Customize view (Settings)

I’m a little bit confused about the app setting.
I added a checkbox to my app view setting and in the code I added a listener to any user changes on setting.

monday.listen("settings", res => {

It’s work great of a single user. If user A change the setting checkbox to true, the app that runs for user A will get the event of the change. And user B won’t get any change, as I expected.
But if user B will reload the page, the button will be load as true.

If this is a global customize view for all the users, then why user B doesn’t get the event listener of the change?
If the customize view is unique for each user, why user B settings change after reload?


Hello there @kulaone!

The change is done by user A. At that moment you see the console.log for that change.

For user B, the new setting will remain, but it is correct that you do not see any console.log from user B because user B did not change anything. The listener will work when a user changes something. When user B opens the app, he is not changing anything just by opening it, so the listener does not fire.

I hope that helps!


Hi @Matias.Monday,

Is it OK that the setting is changing to user B after reload, although he didn’t make any changes?
I expected that each user can set his/her own view setting. But it looks like any user can change the view setting to all of the users.

Hello again @kulaone!

Yes. This is expected behaviour. The settings apply to the view itself.


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In my opinion, view setting should be personalized. It’s a powerful tool that you can use to custom your own view as well as headless to think about permission when it’s not sharing across the users

Hi @thinhle183,

We appreciate your feedback! I’ll be sharing this with our development team.