Daily monitoring of attachment uploads with a single email

Hello, I work for a Lending company and as such we work with multiple clients who upload many attachments. We have also built out a process where we use sub category rows under a borrower to track the documents that need to be uploaded.

My ask is to find a way for a single email to be sent to a person daily, if new documents have been uploaded to that group. My work around so far has been to have a status column that is on default as “none” for each documents, when something is uploaded to that row item it automatically shifts the status from “none” to “Document Uploaded”. I have another column where I used a formula to put a 1 in for “document uploaded” and a 0 for “none”. My thought is that I could then use the sum of the column daily to compare its current total value to the total value of the column 24 hours ago, if it is greater it should send an email to a processor that new files have been uploaded to that group.

I am stuck on using a column total, comparing that total to a prior period and if it is greater, that being the trigger to send an update email. Any help or ideas would be greatly appreciated.