Dark mode is here! On the app and on the web!

Are you guys ready?? Dark mode is finally here!!!

YES YES YES! To all you who lower their screen brightness… you’re gonna love this update!

We have released the ability to switch to dark mode on the PLATFORM

and on your MOBILE APP as well!

It is important to mention that it’s still missing some fine-tuning, therefore it is not released as default, but rather as a beta feature.

To enable it on the platform, simply activate from your monday.labs

To enable it on the mobile app, please fill out this form, and you’ll get an email once it has been added to your app.

Feedback is (as always) welcome, please fill out this feedback form or leave comment here


The wait is over! Been waiting for this since late Aug last year. Feels so to see a request be furfilled great work everyone! :smiley:

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Check Monday Labs and enable “Application themes”. I think that should do the trick. :slight_smile:


Guys, fix the background or font colors for a status update. Otherwise it’s unreadable!

Other than that, great update!

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Please submit this feedback via the form - we added a section to upload files :slight_smile:

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I think dark mode looks amazing by the way (only tried it on desktop so far).

Plus usability is better (for me).

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great to hear that!! :slight_smile:

Great update. However I noticed that collapsed columns still have the same light-gray color while in darkmode. Something I think you might have missed :slight_smile:

Please submit this feedback in the feedback form: https://forms.monday.com/forms/88009a6baa8a04b86c0fd7d596ebc4f3

Awesome! Any idea when it will be available on the web browser version?

@Surreal Do you see an option for Enable Application Themes in monday labs?

I do not. Im using Monday as an APP within SHIFT, but it runs off the Google Chrome browser so in theory there should be no difference- it looks just like the web page.

Where would the ‘Enable Application Themes’ be?

For me, it’s in monday.labs in the browser version.

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Very nice… trying here… however, for some items the color combination is creating a “invisible” behavior…

Hey Carlos, can you email this screenshot to our support please? support@monday.com