Dashboard arrangement bug after viewed on mobile

Does anyone else have the problem of their dashboard being permanently re-organized to a single-column view after viewing it on mobile?

A bit of clarification…
What is happening?
We use several dashboards, most of which are arranged in 2-3 columns, with a mix of charts, text, updates, and other widgets. This is a great feature, and it’s one of the reasons we use Monday.
Sometimes, when I open up the Dashboard, all of the widgets have been rearranged into a single column, top-to-bottom. (this includes dashboards only I have access to, so it isn’t someone manually doing it.)

This screenshot shows what most of our Dashboards look like, 3 columns:

This screenshot shows what I mean by “single-column”; this is full-screen on a Mac; the Dashboard was created to show 3 columns, not just one:

How does this happen?
I can reproduce it in 2 ways:
1st- If I view the dashboard on mobile (ios for iPad OR iPhone), then open it up again in a full-screen browser on my Mac or PC
2nd- If I open the dashboard on a Mac or PC browser (chrome, Safari, or Edge) while the browser is not full-screen (about half-width or less), it opens in single-column view. This becomes the permanent arrangement of the widgets.