Dashboard, Numbers widget; 3 issues

Due to security risks we had to create private boards for each our sales employees. So a dashboard really offers a convenient & quick status overview: Yearly lead total + extra widgets for each upcoming month.

To look at the specific leads (+updates) per widget you can enlarge the view. Problem #1 = ‘split mode’ wastes so much space on the ‘SUM’ (see photo) while I actually want to see the leads. (25%-75% would be a lot more efficient)

Solution; switch to default view to ‘table view’ in settings. Problem #2 = this setting switches back to ‘split mode’ once you restart Monday.com.

Problem #3 = no ability to (manually) change the color of the numbers (example; green for WON, red for LOST). This was promoted in Marketing video’s, so quite disappointing to find out this is not possible…

Please feel free to ask me any question if my description is not entirely clear :smiley: