Dashboard of dashboards

Is it possible to have a dashboard featuring content from other dashboards? We have projects which we have successfully rolled up into higher level dashboards to view top-level data. But we have several dozen projects. Is there a way to roll up those top-level data into an even higher-level dashboard so we don’t have to look at dashboards at that project level. Almost like a campaign-level dashboard (that could contain several or all 30 projects we have).

hi @mattwright

Building a dashboard with data from another dashboard is not possible. I am wondering if it would help you to aggregate date from all of you project boards to a high-level board that show one item for each project and aggregates data by showing average, min, max, count of status, etc.) The marketplace app Rollup Multiple Boards (monday.com: Apps Marketplace) does exactly that and the high-level board contains “real” data (no mirroring) and is kept up to date. That high level board can than be used as a source to your dashboard.

We use Rollup Multiple Boards for other things, and really like that solve. What I’d like to figure out is a way to either combine data from dashboards automatically or export those into a different platform. The challenge is that my 1st level dashboards are already pulling from nearly 50 different boards, so the 50 board limit prevents me from aggregating all the data I need (from nearly 100 separate boards) into a single dashboard.

What about exporting data from a dashboard? Are there best practices, widgets or examples of how that’s been done in an automated fashion?

Ohh ok, another happy Rollup Multiple Boards user :slight_smile:. Can’t you use the high-level board as the source for your dashboard or are you missing details in that case.

I don’t think you can export data from a dashboard as a dashboard is just a view on your board’s data. You could export each individual board but I’m afraid that is a lot of manual work. Feel free to contact me if you want to discuss if RMB can be changed to accommodate your use case.