Dashboard overview Widget export

Dear Monday Team,

is it possible to export the overview widget output in excel?
and it will be very helpful if there were a possibility to export the whole Dashboard. E.g. I have 20 Pie charts in one dashboard and want to export them all in 1 click to past than in PowerPoint Presentation (Think Cell).
Is it possible to have those two new options?

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Hey there,

Thanks for reaching out! We have the ability to export certain widgets from the dashboard to excel, but not in the format that I can see that you have in mind. This would be a really interesting ability to add to our dashboards, I will be happy to pass this on!

What about taking a screenshot, and then using that as an image as a workaround until we implement this?

Thanks so much for sending in this request! We find this extremely helpful in building our future roadmap, and creating the best platform out there!