Dashboard standard plan

I’m on the standard plan and it says that I can make a dashboard that combines up to 5 boards. When I try to do that it says upgrade plan. What am I doing wrong? :slight_smile:

Hi @rosiedehaan have you tried contacting support@monday.com about this one? That might be the fastest answer.

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Have you linked one of the boards with other boards? Possibly these count as well?

Unless monday has changed the limit to count the full hierarchy of boards down the chain, so to speak, it should only count the actual specific boards connected @simon_blinno . Interesting, I’m going to check on that.

That is exactly my guess, but I have not tried it myself. Please update if you find out anything. Thank you!

It is possible to create a dashboard but the widgets I find useful aren’t part of the standard plan. Among others:
The Chart Widget
Org Chart widget
The Workload Widget
The Pivot Board Widget
The Overview Widget