Dashboard widget (and other views): detect if settings sidebar is open and toggled

Hi! We have some feedback regarding the dashboard widgets and want to share it with you, hoping this can be picked up. Right now we are facing an issue that raises quite a lot of questions from our customers.

We’d really love to see is a way to detect if the settings sidebar is open and when it gets toggled by a user. We cannot use those settings for our widgets, since it only supports static settings. We had customers in our support asking why they could not see the widget’s settings. That was because the widget was opened via the settings button, and/or because the sidebar was open. What we do right now is close it ourselves once the dashboard gets initialised, but we cannot prevent users from opening the settings themselves. It’d be very helpful to be able to detect if the sidebar is open or not.

Having this resolved would be very helpful for us and other developers!