Dashboards - Bookmark Widget Feedback

Hello Monday,

A couple of small requests with respect to the bookmark widget on dashboards:

  1. Allow bookmarks to be rearranged by dragging/dropping or similar UX. We have boards with a handful of bookmarked links, and it would be great to be able to rearrange their order in terms of relevance. Right now, if we wanted to have a new link be at the top of the list, we’d have to remove all of the existing links and then re-add them in the order we’d like them to appear. Which leads to…

  2. Allow bookmarked links to be editable. Allow not only the bookmark text, but the URL and icon to be editable. Right now, if a link changes, we have to delete the bookmark and re-add the new information. Icons are also always the same image for us (broken webpage?), not sure what the intended functionality is there, but something simple like an emoji or the URLs favicon would be great.

  3. Stop editable text from being clickable. This one drives us crazy in automations too. The text added to the bookmark still serves as a link to the URL, even once you’ve clicked in to start editing it. So if I single click on the bookmark, and then single click within the text where I’d like to make an edit, I’m redirected to the URL. This makes editing bookmark names frustrating, as we have to resort to arrow keys to navigate through the text to make edits.

These feature requests aren’t going to be life changing, but they’d really help us manage our bookmarks on dashboards better - specifically for our dashboards we share with clients, where URLs are changing more frequently. Overall, they’d help with our goal to use dashbaords as a home base for our clients (and hopefully advocating for the platform more as well).

Let me know if anyone has questions or more information is needed to better understand the pain points or use cases.