Dashboards by "Team"

Hey Monday.com’ers,

We’re still in the infancy of our implementation of Monday.com to our organisation - going through training with the management team yesterday, a great feature request came up.

We’re wanting to track all boards that a team is assigned to and add them to a dashboard:
example: The IT Manager wants to pull in all of the data that the IT Team is assigned to across several boards - instead of individually selecting all boards.

If something like this exists all ready, would love to hear how to do this.

This is a common feature request.

The downside of tracking boards via Dashboards is that you’re limited to a cripplingly low number of boards per dashboard depending on your account. Means no dashboards or multiple dashboards to track all your boards.

For the Pro plan, it’s a maximum of 10 boards. I don’t know of any organisation that can work with such a low limit. We have 40+ (and growing) active boards at any given time, so our limit of 10 makes Dashboards unusable. We’ll use them when dashboards track all boards account-wide.

Ahhhh I see - what a shame - kind of kills the sparkle and excitement of the power of dashboards doesn’t it. Sounds like I will have to keep an ear and eye out for that feature development.

As I understand it, the board limit per dashboard is related in part to performance of your Monday account. I guess account-wide boards per dashboard for everyone will grind Monday.com to a halt.

There’s a glimmer of hope on the horizon. In Monday Labs there’s a beta improvement called New dashboards data structure & performance improvements. I could be wrong but I hope that means Monday are working on platform performance improvements with a view to increasing board limits per dashboard.

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Our company have at least 50 boards for our employees as a work journal control.
How i can show a unique dashboard for all this information???

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