Dashboards Issue


We have a tags column for sources. #email and #email are showing up with 6 and 26 leads respectively for this campaign, however they’re the same tag. How can I have it show up as #email with 32 leads?

HI @Patrick - This is odd, I’d love to see whether the search everything also recognize them as different tags.
Could you use the search Everything to look for tags? And let us know whether this tag appears as 2 separate labels.

One more question, Patrick! Are one of the group of tags from a shareable board and one from a main board?

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Hi Qassam,

It doesn’t appear separate here.

Hi Julia,

The dashboard is from a single sharable board. It’s not even two separate boards.

One thought, all our boards are sharable, however some were originally main boards. It’s possible this board could have started out as a main board and then was converted to a sharable board later. Could that have anything to do with it?

I do however see two when trying to tag new emails.


Hey @Patrick,

Thanks for letting me know!

Were any of the items on the shareable board which is feeding the chart widget moved from another board? This could be the reason for the discrepancy.

What do you see when you visit the tags page in terms of the # email? You can get to the tags page by searching on search everything for a tag name and then at the top menu, along with Updates, Files, People, you’ll see Tags.