Date as a required field

Hello we are using our board as a tool to collect travel information.

So lots of dates being gathered here, birthday, departure, arrival, passport expiry. So we love the ease of the date format on entry - except that it defaults to the current date… and when people skip this field, it incorrectly submits the current date without an error to the user.

There is no error generated on form submit, even though its a required field because it defaults to the current date. It shows the date pre-filled in on the form view as well, which may also be assisting them to “assume” they already filled out the date. We are getting a large number of errors that we then need to go and reconfirm info with.

To get around this, we use the text column instead, and put the desired format ie: YYYY-MM-DD in the description field. However they ignore it, and we get all types of formats instead. Leaving us to wish for some way to validate the form fields. (A different feature request I am sure you have received already)

Thank you for your continued improvement of this tool!

Hey @DTade

Thanks for sharing!

Can you please send a screenshot of your board and the form you have created? I’m not sure I understand? You say that you make date a required question on a form but when someone doesn’t fill it, it automatically fills as today’s date?

It should not let a user submit a form if there are required fields which have not been filled so I’d just like some clarification here.


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1.Here is what the form looks like in Form view from the board. As you see the dates input field looks correct (MM DD YYYY and needing a value)

2.Here is what the form ACTUALLY looks like to the user filling it out. Note that the dates have defaulted to today, in this case Oct 3 2019
3.When I hit submit form and purposely SKIP the required fields #3, #4 and #5 – note that #3 and #4 does not show up as an error - as it has data input (wrong date, but still input)

4. And finally the board populates with the wrong dates, without any notification back to the user.

I welcome you to try it for yourself…

Hi @DTade

I just tested yours and also another form from one of our accounts and you’re right!

I will send this as a cheese request (improvement to existing feature) as I definitely understand the pain here.

Thanks for sharing :slight_smile:

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Thank you!!! I love cheese.