Date Check - Auto update dates and timelines to exclude public and custom defined holidays

Automatically update your dates based on public holidays or custom defined holidays for users in your account using Date Check


:white_check_mark: Has built-in holiday checker for most countries

:white_check_mark: Set durations to exclude holidays

:white_check_mark: Templates can be used to check for time off for employees in your account

:white_check_mark: Automatic notification, date and timeline update when users are assigned tasks on their days off or on public holidays

:white_check_mark: Templates created can be used on any board

:white_check_mark: Templates are triggered by native automations

:white_check_mark: Any trigger can be used to check for holidays in dates and timelines except the timeline trigger (due to recursions or loops)

:white_check_mark: Multiple custom configurations

And so much more to come…

Here is a demo

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Can I edit a template to include more columns and groups without having to create a new template and redo all the integrations? @kolaai

Hello @Jguido,
Unfortunately, at the moment, templates cannot be edited.