Date Column W/ Time Query Not Supported

I see in the API documentation that querying by column value for dates with time is not supported at the moment.
This is honestly very disappointing. We use the platform as a CRM and are very pleased with most of the functionality, but this seems to a fundamental feature that is just not there. You would think a platform of this size would support date/time column queries fully as for most data oriented businesses this is an absolutely essential feature.
Even if the query didn’t support querying specific time periods, it would be extremely beneficial to be able to query by date even if they have time. For example, it would be great to query by specific day for all of the leads received in a day.

When we get a lead, we fill in a date column with the date and time that the lead came in.

So now, instead of querying potentially 200 to 300 items, I have to query several thousand to get what I need from a board. Adding this feature would probably really speed up the API overall as larger companies than ours are probably doing the exact same thing regularly.

If anyone from Monday reads this, can someone please update here on if this is on the roadmap and potentially how long it might be before this feature?

Hello @christian.lee!

I understand how this feature could be beneficial for you, and probably other users.

This is not something that we will see being implemented in the nearest future.

Having said that, I will share this with our team so that it can be taken into account :slightly_smiling_face: