Date Picker on Form Auto-Populating w/ Current Date

We use a form to collect requests for documents that require translation. Depending on the project type and word count, we have standard completion deadlines. However, the requester is able to request an alternate ETA (return date) if they need it back quicker than the standard completion time. On the form though, the date column always auto-populates as the current date rather than remaining blank unless a date is selected by the requester.

Is there anyway to have this corrected or at least make it an option when creating a form, so you can have it auto-populate to current date OR show as blank in the form?

I am also having this problem. For us we need to leave the date blank when it is unknown and there is currently no option for this.
You are able to delete the month day and year to make it blank but its a lot of clicking for something we will likely have to do every time we fill out the form. We ask for 3 different dates and one of them will usually be left blank

Hi ampwst,

I heard from our Enterprise Success Manager that this functionality is going to be included in an update on forms that is expected within the next month (maybe a bit longer). :slight_smile: This will fix the auto-blank issue you and I have been having, plus it will introduce a calendar date picker. So exciting!