Date picker popup view completely visible

Once I have my comments / conversations open for a task, I don’t see the complete date picker popup. This makes it impossible to scroll to the next month. I have to close my conversation window and then re-open my date picker popup to have the option to scroll to next months.

At this image, the date picker it not completely visible. I can’t pick a date in September of October.

At this image, the date picker is completely visible, and I can scroll to other months


Thank you for bringing this to our attention! I do see how this can appear slightly counter-intuitive, but I think you might find the solution below helpful.

Basically, when the Updates section is open and you’d like to edit the Timeline column value, you can simply scroll to the right within the board view, and you will see the date picker fully, as shown in the video. Do you think that could be helpful in the meantime?

Also, I’m going to move this topic to a different section in our community, as it isn’t quite related to using the API, or building apps using our monday.apps framework. I hope that makes sense :slight_smile:


Hi Alex
Thanks for your reply. This seems to be working, but still I believe it’s not the most user-friendly way. But it works and so it’s helpfull :slight_smile: