Decay timer for tasks

A project planning for a project that spans many months (or years) has the tendency to go stale over time. When you plan a task for July 2022 with the information you have today the project planning is accurate. However over time the accuracy of the project planning automatically decreases, deadlines shift, pandemics happen, ships get stuck in the Suez canal.

Right now there is is now no easy way to check if the planning for a task has been kept up to date or see if a task or project needs updating. With the “Last Updated” column you can check this manually but there are not automations that can help us automate this and you can’t aggerate this information into a dashboard.

What I suggest is adding a decay timer column to Monday where you can set a start number [integer] and select the applied decay over a configurable time period. Using this column we can easily and automatically detect tasks that have been scheduled months ago and of which the accuracy is questionable.

hi @Joris

Welcome back :slight_smile:. I had a look to the last update column and found a way to build an app doing this because the API can read the last updated column. As there will be no trigger an app will need a scheduler (e.g. every day at 7.00 AM) to trigger. It can than go over all items in your board and found those items that are “dead in the water” (or stuck in the Suez canal). The question is: what do you want to do with these items? I think the best thing to do is set a status to a particular value.

Can you let me know:

  • how many items there will be on a board (on average), just to determine the load on the board by such an app
  • do you indeed want to set a status column?
  • the input column (the integer you mention) is that holding the decay timer in days?
  • or would you prefer a duration field in the recipe like this:

I think a duration field suits the use case very well but in that case all your items will have the same decay timer.

Let me know what you think.