Deceptive site ahead

In the land of Aus, we have just come across this problem with only one board, under a single workspace.

What happens?

  • The user logs in, opens the workspace, then selects the Deal pipeline (Monday-sales crm deals board template)
  • they can open the workspace fine, and see the board, but when they try to see the detail view of an item, that is when the message appears.
  • but it is slightly stranger still - the item detail view partially loads, the title, deal progress load, and the right hand side detail, but as the email& activity loads that is when the deceptive site page appears.

We did some testing and found that this only happens on this one board, and only happens when trying to view the detail of a item that has email & activity entries. Any item that doesnt have email & activity loads just fine.

The big question in our minds is:

  • have we accidently introduced malware through email activity ?? (I really hope not)

If anyone has any ideas on how to debug this further, its would be really appreciated.

Hi@PicnicAnt ,
The behavior you describe could indicate a potential security concern.It can be Malware or compromised email/activity content .

Review the email and activity entries associated with the affected items. Look for any suspicious or unexpected content, such as unknown email addresses, suspicious links, or attachments or Review the security settings and permissions within your workspace.

Remember to consult with support throughout this process, as they can provide specific guidance and investigate any potential security concerns.

Hope your issue resolve soon.

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