Default My Week View

Hi Monday,

I started following my manager on My Week so I could see the status of his tasks and what’s on his plate. However, now when I go to My Week the default view shows both of our weeks with the tasks combined. Multiple times a day when I go back to My Week I have to filter it just to display my tasks. I would like to primarily only see my own week and see his week when I need to.

Is this possible?


@LeahJ The Following button in the top RHS should remember your last setting.

After you check the combined My Week, you should be able to then change the filter in the Following button back to just you and that should be the setting next time you come in to My Week.

Thanks for your response John, but that doesn’t work. Removing my manager from the following button removes him from appearing in My Week altogether. And filtering My Week by tasks assigned to me only works temporarily, My Week does not remember the filtered setting, unfortunately.

Hmm, sorry to hear that @LeahJ . Perhaps I misunderstood what you’re looking for.

Yes, that’s by design. All tasks are combined depending on how many you are following. Are you expecting two separate lists?

Definitely sticky here. If I set filter to me only then leave My Week and return then I still see only my tasks. Same result for following 2 or more people. The Following setting is sticky until I change it.

Hmm, it’s not sticky for me. Maybe it’s sticky the first time I return to My Week, but it always defaults back to showing my whole team’s week.