Default weekly allocation

Hi :wave:t2:

In our department we want to utilize the workload function, however, we have a split between business-as-usual/operations tasks, and I want to be able to set a default allocation for a “BAU/OPS” task per team member per week/month. I know I can set the weekly effort lower on a project board, but the desire is to have visibility into both assigned project tasks and day-to-day tasks more or less in the same view.

My initial attempt has been to create a board called “Default allocation” where each member of the OPS team have an item/task assigned for a certain duration. I can then use the workload widget on a dashboard and bring in both the project board and the default allocation board. However, since Monday only works in weekly effort allocations, I’d need to update this allocation weekly, which is not ideal. Thus, I was looking to automations to “renew” the default allocation weekly, but I may need a fairly advanced set of automations to do this the right way.

Any tips or similar experiences?