Default Workspace Name


Is the a way to get the name of the default workspace ? in the response we are getting null for the id and no other details.


I have the same question. states in their documentation, the default workspace returns null when queried. Though at least it helps one recognize which workspace a board belongs to, that is, if a board’s workspace returns null then it’s the main workspace, it is still not very useful because the main workspace is named differently in different languages. So if you want to use the name of the default workspace in an app, you will run into a problem.

Hey @jgafner and @kolaai,

Thanks for reaching out, that’s a great question.

I’m afraid that at this tim, we do not provide a way that you could get the default workspace name via the API. As @kolaai has mentioned, you will indeed get null when querying the ID of that workspace, and I understand this is not the ideal result when building an app able to work in multiple regions.

I’ve made sure this topic is considered a feature request, and passed the feedback along to our product team. We will consider and prioritize this update against other changes in our roadmap, but I’m afraid I am not able to commit to a timeline at this time. Likely, this will not be adjusted in the nearest future.

I hope this helps confirm, at least.