Defect - workspace templates with dashboards broken


I have mentioned this personally to @Ben, @VladMonday, and @dipro

Putting this here so I can follow the development. This defect is causing a lot of disappointment and curious if this is on your radar. workspace templates with custom monday apps doesn’t work. i have verified this many times, pasting the steps to reproduce from a slack conversation in October

  1. create a dashboard and add a monday app you created
  2. create a workspace template that includes this dashboard

expected: using this workspace template will show the dashboard with the monday app

actual: using this workspace template will show the dashboard with a loading indicator

don’t hold your breath, the monday app will never load!

is this in your backlog? do you have an ETC for a fix?


Hey @cryptocharlie404 - would you mind posting a quick video showing the behavior occurring? I’m happy to look further into this on my end.


Hey @cryptocharlie404,

Is the Widget feature built in a different App than the Workspace?

If so would it work if you first installed on the new Account the Widget feature App, and only then the Dashboard?

It would be nice to be able to authorize both at once but I understand how it might not be planned that way. Yet :wink:

Thanks for your feedback

Hey guys, this happened to me as well after submitting my app and trying to install it with a completely unrelated user. Here’s a video:

No errors in the dev console or network.

Checked with a new workspace in the account that I made the app in. Still no luck.

Apologies for the late response!

Are you still experiencing this issue? I wasn’t able to reproduce, but let me know if you are :smiley:.

Happy to continue digging into this with you.