Delegate or Reassign tasks if unavailable

If you are task responsible or a team Lead and have a holiday or get sick, I know you can set an Out of Office to show users you are unavailable, but I need a way to [re]delegate all my assigned tasks to another team member who would then pick up my workflow during that OOO period.

Can we have a delegate option?


Love the delegation idea! Maybe have it be part of the OOO setup

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Hey @LWhitt and @Krishele,

Thank you for sharing your use case. I think this could be a great addition.

For feedback purposes what would be some of the limitations of a feature like this? Would you want it to indiscriminately reassign all tasks assigned? Would it need to check the length of time that you are OOO to reassign accordingly?

What would be the ideal scenario for this feature request?

Thank you so much for taking the time to explain and I look forward to learning more. :slight_smile:


Obviously you’d have to have some parameters that could be set by data available on a board. I would say that if a due date falls within the OOO timeframe that it would reassign, or maybe just add the person as an additional person assigned. The question then falls on how to set up the person that will be the victim of the reassignment. I’d say you almost have to require a column on the board to be present or require an automation to be implemented. I would prefer it to be a board-level setting instead of whole account.