Depended Formula Based on Status


Im trying to create an automation with a formula that will set the “difficulity level” based on the “Type”
For example if I set “Revit Links” (under “Type”) the “Difficulty Level” will change to “Moderate”. I have alot of labels under “Type” so Im trying to figure out how to do this.
The “Difficulty Level” is currently set a a text column but I can change it if needed to lables .


Hey @Reut.h!

You would need to use the IF function in the formula column to achieve this. The formula would then pull data from the status column and output the difficulty level based on the status label set - as such you would need substitute the text column for a formula column.

I understand given the extensive amount of status labels you have this is a bit of a tedious process, but this is the best way to approach this in my opinion (if you’re interesting in using a formula).

Alternatively, you could create a secondary status column for those difficulty labels and set up an automation to change the difficulty status based on the label chosen in the type status column.

Let me know your thoughts :slight_smile: