Dependency Column doesn't work when a Board Template is used to create a board using an automation

This is more of a bug report than anything else - or at least what I assume to be a bug. I found it when setting up a system where 3 different things coincided. You need to:

  • Have a board template that contains a ‘Dependency’ column. When the dependency column is added it automatically creates an automation that is used to move dates in the Gantt Chart view.

  • Have an automation that triggers the automatic creation of a board somewhere else. In this case, I have an automation that creates a board using the above template whenever a status is applied.

Expected result: Dependency column works and the automatic board creation works similar to manual board creation, in that it copies over any of the automations on the board template.

Actual result: Dependency column doesn’t work because the automatic board creation doesn’t copy over the automation from the board template that’s supposed to make it work.

Is there any known solution for this? Or is this a known bug?