Deprecated "person" and "teams" columns in 2023-10

As I’m looking at the API, I’m noticing that the old “person” and “team” columns aren’t listed as supported column types any more. Which makes sense since they are deprecated.

Has in all the mondayDB work, etc. those legacy columns on old boards been converted to “people” columns?

Just wondering what’s going to happen if those columns show up on boards (if they even exist on boards now).

Its not something I think about much, since I can’t even make them to test them. But, if they can show up on really old boards… I’d like to know if I still need to attempt to account for them.

Hello @codyfrisch,

I checked with the team and they said that there’s the unsupported column type which the API should use to represent both person and team.


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So quite literally they are “unsupported” and should be treated as such in our apps going forward.

I suppose customers have had several years to replace them with the “people” column so its not really on us to support them anymore.

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That is correct @codyfrisch! And yes, those were deprecated quite some time ago :grin:

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