Deprecation of "position" value on Groups - Documentation improvements needed

According to the changelog, the position value on the create_group mutation was deprecated. However, there are a few issues when it comes to the documentation:

  1. The hyperlink on the changelog post links to itself. You have to navigate to the appropriate method on the group api page.

  2. The documentation states that position_relative_method argument behaves differently if there is relative_to argument as well. It appears to go above the relative_to group id with a before_at value, but if the relative_to argument is missing, it goes at the bottom of the board. This is counter-intuitive. You would expect this to go to the top of the board as you’re placing it “before” the other groups.

  3. Update group mutation still lists position as one of the group_attribute values and details further about the position numerical value under new_value. Is this numerical positioning still valid on update_group? It seems strange to position it two different ways based on these two different methods, especially if position is being deprecated.

Hi @Tim.Hunt!

Thanks for the feedback.

  1. I edited the post and the hyperlink should now be working :slight_smile:
  2. I will pass this feedback along to our R&D team.
  3. EDITED: We just released this update as well. Check out the announcement here!

Please feel free to reach back out with any other questions/concerns.


Thanks @rachelatmonday, much appreciated!

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