Description Problem!


I am working as I.T. in a private company, we have an I.T. board, we have a request form and it includes “description” part, when the different department personal request anything in our form and filling the description part, it seems is written by board admin in conversation part.

For example in below, this is our board admin, but that text is not his

Could anyone help for fixing that problem.

Best Regards.

Hi @fatiksahin

It looks like this has to do with the user-id of the creator of the form. Updates will be done under the user-id of the creator of the form.

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I solved that problem.
Thanks for replying.

Hey @fatiksahin, thanks for letting us know!

For future reference, like @basdebruin said, when a user submits a form, we are trying to detect if that specific user has any cookies attached to his browser, and if so, he is assigned in the creation log. In cases of incognito, mobile, and a user who has multiple accounts, we are unable to detect the user and the default fallback is the creator of the form; the same applies for the update section.