Detailed Automations

I’m loving all these automations - our entire team uses them to create recurring tasks on a daily/weekly/monthly basis. Because of this when we need to edit one it gets a bit tricky as there are no details as to which automation is which in the list of Board Automations. So we end up with, for example, 3 automations that all say “Every week on Monday, create an item” and that’s it - we have to click into each one in each board if there is one we want to turn off or turn back in to figure out which one it is we want to adjust. Is there anything on the horizon that would put the details of the automation on the list of Board Automations instead of just the general info?



Oh yeah… I’ve had this as a nagging issue for a long time. You know, even simpler than actually providing the details of what each automation does, a really simple quick fix would be to allow users to name the automations. That way, we could just indicate what the automation does without there having to be a long design/implement/test cycle for the sizable chunk of code that would be need to turn what an automation does into a textual description.


That is a much easier idea and would work great! :crossed_fingers:

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Also asked support for this. I have recurring tasks for monday, like 15 different things, and I had to change 1 of them yesterday. Took me a while, so enhancing this would be great!

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Yes, yes, yes. Please…it’s so confusing to have the many automations and have no idea which one is which. PLEASE allow us to name the automations. Soon please!!