Diacritical marks unification in search

Hello, I’ve an idea which i’ve seen in other search engines. In our language we have specific diacritical mark, but we often don’t use them, so it would be nice if they could be omitted for better search results.

For example, if you type “miś” it should search both “mis” and “miś”, and vice versa, because someone typed that word with diacritical mark, and someone didn’t.

Here is the list from our language, but it occurs in others too :slight_smile:
a = ą
c = ć
e = ę
l = ł
n = ń
o = ó
s = ś
z = ź = ż

I hope you get the idea :slight_smile:

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Agreed. That seems to be how Monday’s search works now:

Hmm it seems it works in global search, but I mainly use that little search field in specific board, and there it isn’t working…

Agreed. Same here.

Fuzzy search works in Search Everything but not Board-level Search / Filter Board.