Diferents Status Groups

Hey Guys :slight_smile:

Can we have a feature of “Block” status of a groupe?
For example, I have my Customer Journey: Onboarding, Ongoing, Success.
Each group has its own stage/ Status.
But when I creat an status column it reapts through all groups, that’s doesn’t work for me. It’s possible to create differents status from differents groups without have the necessity of creating another board?

So the Onboarding group will have the status column: integration, training, accompaniment
The Ongoing group will have the status column: meeting, requests, retention.

ANNNND to finish more complicated ahaha, can I create an automation so “When the last status columns change to DONE, move to the next group”. So when the customer from Onboarding finish the “accompaniment” status, he will be move to the group “Onboarding”.

Sorryyyy, I know it’s complicate but I know this will help me and a lot of others users that are requesting the same in the comunity :slight_smile:

Hi @iamleticialopes

You are right, all column settings and automations work across the board (so for all items). There is an app called Status Controlled Groups in the marketplace that might help out (for a part) as it move items from one phase to another depending on the status WITHIN a specific group.