Different in features between Monday Sales CRM and Monday Work Management


I can’t find the simple answer to this question.
I will start with a bit of context. I want 1 Monday App, either Work Manangement or Sales CRM. I am building a whole business solution so that includes sales and CRM. I started this in Monday Work Management but then found that several key CRM features (like sales dashboard widgets) are only available in Monday Sales CRM. I found an article explaining the features unique to CRM but as far as I can see, I can do all I want without using Monday work management. Can someone tell me what (if any) feature are in Monday Work Management that are not available in Monday Sales CRM?

Hey @daydreamermike!

I am happy to explain in further detail how our products work :slight_smile:

To start, monday product solutions are complete end-to-end products built on top of monday.com work management (the core of our platform & the infrastructure on which all other products are built) to completely address the needs of a specific use case.

There are two important differentiators between a product and the work OS.

  1. A prebuilt workflow, allowing you to get started within minutes (simply import your data). You no longer need to dedicate time to building your workflow from scratch.
  2. Dedicated features that are not included in monday core.

The combination of these two aspects results in a completely new and improved experience within the platform. Having said that: if you are not interested in the specific features, and are happy to build the workflow on your own, you can definitely get started with our work OS core - which it sounds like you’re happy to do!

In regard to which features are only available in the Sales CRM product, please see the below:

As for what is available on the core Work Management you can find features specific to each plan tier (Basic, Standard, Pro, Enterprise) via our pricing page..

I hope this helps :blush:

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Hi @BiancaT!

I had the same question and stumbled across this article. For clarity from your response I understand that there are no features that exist in the work management software that do not also exist in the CRM Sales product.

Can you please confirm that is the case? Also, if there are features in the Work Management that do no exist in the CRM, would you please list what they are?


Hey Joanna,

I apologise for any confusion caused here!

Our monday products are exclusive use-cases built on-top of the work management software. In order to purchase the sales CRM product, you would already have purchased a work management plan, whether that be a basic, standard, pro or enterprise plan (features in the plan differ based on the plan tier) as this is the core infrastructure. So as for your question, the work management features are accessible and exist within the sales CRM plan.

You might find this blog post helpful → https://monday.com/blog/crm-and-sales/monday-sales-crm-vs-monday-work-management/

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Hello i am new to monday and i cannot find anything on how to have CRM boards connect to Work Management. I need help. so basically we want to make sure all the projects being done for all the clients are linked to the infomration that we have captured so we can refer to it easily while using work management and vise versa. need help please.