Disabling Link Previews for Individual Boards or Workspaces

Hello! My team often exchanges iterations of the same PDF file in a Monday item to track requested changes and to track the transformation of a document. The PDF files can be quite large with more than 100 pages of text and graphics. Because the feature enable link previews is turned on at the account level, these exchanges of files can cause the updates in the item to load very slowly. We do not add the files to the Files column because the files are often accompanied with specific comments either from internal staff or external entities.

Currently, it appears as though the disabling of the link preview is only at the account level: https://support.monday.com/hc/en-us/articles/360001308959-How-do-I-enable-or-disable-link-previews-. We would like to be able to disable link previews on individual boards or workspaces. We do not want to impact how other teams in the account use the link preview. Will there be way to disable the link preview in this way in the future?