Display a running total of hours a project is on hold

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This my first question so I hope I have not broken any forum rules.

I am trying to create a Solutions Architect Task Board and need to create a formula that keeps a running total of the days/hours a solution is placed on hold:

When the “on hold” is selected in the “status column”; the task is moved to the On Hold Item and the “On hold Date” is set to today’s date. Once “In Progress” is selected in the “Status column” the task is moved back to the Task column and the “Hold End Date” is set to today’s date (which takes the task off hold) and we now have ‘hold start and finish dates’. The problem is that I need to track the total task hours less the time spent on hold, this is hard for me to work out as any single task can be placed on hold several times throughout the solutions life cycle.

I need a column / formula that keeps adding the total days / hours each time a project is put on and taken off Hold. I then need to deduct this total from the total project hours to get an accurate total of just the hours that were productive (all hours less the hours on hold).

Hope I have not confused the issue?

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Hi @jmanaley, Jeff,

I don’t think this is very straightforward. What I understand is that a task can have multiple iterations of the on-hold / in progress sequence. That requires that the outcome of iteration N has to be added to the the outcomes of iteration N-1. If there is a limit (say max 3) of such iteration you can achieve this by adding multiple sets of (on hold / off hold / days-on-hold) columns. Probably better if you use Integromat for this as this support a simple datastore where the data will survive the iterations. It is possible to build that but requires a fair amount of work. Drop me a PM if you want to explore further.

Best, Bas

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Hi basdebruin,
Firstly thank you so much for your response.

I understand probably pushing the Monday envelope a bit too far. I have decided to simply auto start / stop a Time Tracker for each Task depending on whether the task status state is ‘In Progress’ or ‘On Hold’. If ‘Complete’ is selected from the Main solution status all Time Trackers are stopped. The problem with this approach is my guys need to remember to place a task on hold; at the end of the day, over the weekend and when off doing other things.

Thank you for the support,

Kind Regards Jeff :+1:

Hi @jmanaley

We had same requirement as yours last month. We couldn’t find any solution in monday. So we decided to do with API integration. if you haven’t solve it yet I can tell you the details.

Kind Regards.

Just wanted to mention that the Screenful Dashboards add-on can report the time a task spends on each status. You can see averages across all (or any subset) of tasks, and for each task individually. Here’s an example chart showing averages:

And here’s an example of the timing data of an individual task

You can learn more about this chart on the Tour page.