Display a single subitem value only (bottom one) in its parent subitem summary


Don’t think this is currently possible, but if anyone has a way…

On a parent item with many subitems, I want to show a column summary that displays only the bottom subitem. So that I can have all my subitems collapsed and still see selected details of the most recent sub on the parent item line.

Summaries work great where you want to add all the subs together, but for other column types, where it attempts to display every value with commas, it’s less useful and I’d rather just have it be a single value (in my case the bottom most subitem).

Thanks if anyone has an idea :slight_smile:


I also want something like this where the history of an item is tracked in sub items and the current status can be shown in the parent item. Generally, it would be good to be able define how it summarises the column, i.e Max/Min Value, Average, etc.

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Some thoughts…

  1. There is currently no way to tell which item/subitem is the bottom, top or anything in between.
  2. It is possible to tell which was added first or last.
  3. You can create a connect bords column to the subitems and manually link to whichever subitem(s) you want.
  4. If a way to identify the “proper” subitem was added, e.g. status, checkbox, etc., it would be possible to automatically link that subitem to the parent. (Would probably require a Make scenario or similar.)

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